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Setting Up Your OBL for Jill's Office
Setting Up Your OBL for Jill's Office

OBL GUIDELINES - This article will go over how Jill's Office works with Online Booking links & how to set it up for Jill’s Office

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Can Jill’s Use My Online Booking Link?

At Jill's Office, we are committed to providing seamless and efficient scheduling services using your Online Booking Link (OBL). To ensure we can maximize our effectiveness and maintain the high standards of service you've come to expect from us, there are a few important parameters for the OBLs we can utilize:

No Login or Profile Creation Required

For Jill’s Office to use your OBL, it must not require our team to log in or create a profile. This ensures your clients’ privacy and security and allows us to maintain a streamlined scheduling process.

Intuitive User Interface

The OBL should be user-friendly and intuitive. The process of booking an appointment should be straightforward, without the need for additional instructions or guidance.

Simple Scheduling Flow

The booking process must have a simple flow that can be easily understood and navigated without leaving the initial online booking link. The steps to schedule an appointment should be clear, ensuring that we can efficiently book appointments without any confusion or errors.

We can effectively manage your bookings when your OBL meets the above criteria, allowing us to book your customer’s appointments with ease, ensuring that your schedule is always up-to-date.

Setting Up Your OBL for Scheduling

At Jill's Office, we prioritize customer convenience for efficient customer service. Here's how to set up your OBL for Jill’s Office:

Block Out Time Blocks in Your System

We schedule the specified time blocks on your OBL to ensure appointments are only scheduled according to the availability you've provided.

For example, if your business only offers consultations on Wednesdays, the OBL should reflect that availability exclusively.

Set to Your Time Zone

To prevent any scheduling mishaps, ensure that the OBL is set to your time zone, so all appointments are scheduled accurately in your time zone.

Custom Questions

If specific information is required from the customer, create a custom field for the information to be gathered. This allows us to collect this data without cluttering the booking interface.

Provide Clear Instructions

Ensure your OBL reflects your available times, services offered, and any specific booking instructions to facilitate accurate scheduling.

Maintain Updated Information

Keep your service offerings, availability, and pricing up to date within your OBL to avoid any customer confusion.

Communicate Any Changes

If there are any adjustments in your schedule, services, or any other pertinent details, let your account manager know immediately so we can make the necessary updates in your call instructions

Online Booking Link Limitations

Here's a clear list of limitations regarding what Jill's Office can't do with Online Booking Links:

  1. Modify Time Blocks: We cannot schedule outside of the specific time blocks set within the OBL instructions.

  2. Create Customer Profiles: We do not create accounts or login for customers to use their OBL. If account creation is needed, we'll take a message and inform the customer about account setup procedures.

  3. Process Certain Payments: We can only process payment if it is part of the Online Booking Link and does not require us to login or create an account. We can't process payments that require access to private login information, such as PayPal.

  4. Cancel Appointments: We cannot directly cancel appointments. We will gather the customers information and make a note in your Action Item of the cancellation.

  5. Overly Complex Appointment Types: If the OBL is unclear or too complicated, it may hinder our ability to schedule appointments effectively.

    1. If you have multiple services or employees with different availability please create a link for each. We can accommodate upto four links

  6. Overwhelming Line Item Details: While we can add line items applicable to the appointment, we cannot manage them if they are too numerous or complex, makingthe OBL hard to navigate.

  7. Add notes to the OBL: We don’t add our action item notes into the customer’s calendar notes section. All call notes will be delivered in an action item available in the Jill’s Office App.

Thank you for setting up your OBL using the Jill’s Office Guidelines. We want to ensure that your customers receive the best service experience possible. With our use of OBLs, we aim to streamline your booking process, reduce administrative burdens, and help you focus on what you do best — growing your business.

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